Cleansing treatment through the feet

If you want to stay healthy remember to remove toxins from your body regularly!
The most difficult to remove are toxin that cumulate in the tissues including hard metals, like: arsenic, mercury, lead or platinium. They can be removed by the use of herbal extracts or a much simpler way – detoxication through the feet.
The cleansing plasters work locally and there is no risk that they can adversely affect the other organs!!!
How to use the plasters ?

Alternative use:

1-st package – two plasters before going to sleep everyday.
2-nd package – two plasters before going to sleep every two days.
3-rd package – two plasters before going to sleep every three days.
If compresses are still dirty then use another packages just like the third one.
The treatment is over when plasters remain clean and dry after a whole night.
The treatment usually lasts 1 – 4 weeks.
You should cleanse your body every six months.
The cleansing patches work naturally as you sleep.
If you put them on before going to sleep then, in the morning, you will see that the white dry patches turned into wet brow, grey or black stinking ones. These are detoxifing effects of the patches – you can see them even after a few hours. That is a sign of partial detoxification of your body.
Green colour: Liver/Gullbladder – high level of cholesterol, fatty liver
Red colour: looking like blood stains – Heart/Small bowel. It usually characterises patients in weak psychic condition, poor blood circulation, absorption problems, chronic inflammatory states
Yellow colour: Spleen/Stomach. It characterises people with blood circulation disorders, weak immune and digestive systems.
White colour: Lungs/colon. It characterises people with respiratory system problems.
Black colour: Kidneys/Urinary bladder. It shows urinary system disorders.
Every plaster has a sticky side, which is carefully covered, so that you can easily attache it to the skin.

Putting the detoxifing plasters on the soles of your feet you must make sure that the feet are clean.
The plasters, thanks to their properties, warm up the skin of your feet causing the pores to open. The toxins gathered due to the pressure get out of the blood and the lymphatic system of your body through the skin. They can be used at every time of the day but it is recommended to apply them in the evening. It is also recommended to put on some socks to increase the pressure on the plasters.
In order to get the maximal cleansing effect, the plasters can be used on both healthy and sore body parts to remove toxins from them.
Such a treatment may last 2 -3 days or  2 – 3 weeks or even longer it depends on every individual and the amount of toxins that they have.

Rules of  cleansing plaser use
– Do not use plasters that are open or damged
– Use a plaster right after you open it
– Cleansing plaster are for external use only
– Do not use it on damaged skin, mucus membrane or reproductive organs
– Keep out of the reach of children

Body purifying

Many disease symptoms start to decline or completely disappear after body detoxication. Toxins in your body strongly affect your health condition. It can be the cause of various health problems regarding the skin, hair and many internal diseases. Nowadays, we are really exposed to the action of toxins that we absorb with the air, water and, first of all, food. The outside world is the main cause of the toxins. These are, so called, exogenetic toxins coming from outside your body. They come into being as a result of industrial technology development, motorization and urbanisation.

It is more and more difficult to find some unpolluted lands. Toxic substances get into your body with the air, food, water and cumulate.

The fact that YOUR BODY ABSORBS ABOUT 8 KG OF TOXINS may seem unbelieveable but it is true.

Some part of them is neutralised but not all. The rest remains in your body and the longer you live the more toxins you gather.

The other source of toxins is endogenic toxins, which comes from the inside of your body.

The major part of the toxins come from the bowel. The small bowel is 7 meters long and the large one 1,5 – 2 meters. However the mucous membrane of the large bowel is strongly wrinkled and its surface is as large as a football pitch. The membrane is very thin which makes it very vulnerable to toxins and dangerous microorganisms. Milk acid bacilli strengthen the flora and make it more immune.

An unhealthy lifestyle makes the function of the bowel even worse. All the rush and the way we eat can cause constipation and, which is more important, slow down the function of the bowel. Toxins and other poisonous substances can even affect an individual that leads a healthy lifestyle.


  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • metabolism disorders – some of the energy is used for body detoxication
  • hair loss – very often, a poisoned organism contains heavy metals, especially mercury, which adversely affect the hair and brain as well
  • a bad skin condition – dry and broken skin, moles and itches
  • changes on your face – under the eyes
  • headaches – especially migrene
  • rheumatic diseases – the bone-joint system contains lots of toxins. Toxic substance that cannot be neutralised gather in the joints, bones and fat tissue (cracking sounds in the joints mean that your body contains lots of toxins). You can exclude rheumatoid joint inflammation as it has a completely different cause than toxins. These are autoimmune causes.
  • degenerative changes

CaliVita company offers a wide range of supplements that purify your body from toxins. You should think of purifying your organism from toxins once or twice a year the same as you clean your house.

The body purifying shoud start with improving the function of the bowels.

Different diet supplements may not work properly if the bowels contain dangerous bacteria, fungus and other parasites. They can even feed the bad bacterial flora. Very often individuals using the supplements and complaining that they did not work started the treatment from the wrong stage. They did not purify the body and their bowels were in bad condition.


Nutrishment is the basis of health

Setting up your diet you should definitely make amendment for the great risk of getting infected, therefore it is important to:

  • avoid food products that can cause the development of pathogenic viruses and bacteria, namely: artificial sugar, wheat flour, milk, highly processed food, pasteurized products
  • try not to eat products containing allergens, for example: milk products (except for sour milk, butter and buttermilk), sweets, muesli – scientists discovered that after five days of keeping it at a temperature of 28 degrees it conatains dangerous toxins
  • eating balanced acid-alkaline food products

During every treatment, things you eat always matter. A balanced diet helps to neutralise the bad smell from your mouth, improve the development of your microflora and treat many diseases of the digestive system.

All year long it is important to eat lots of pickled products like sauerkraut served with some carrot or onion.

Don’t forget about beetroots and horseradish, beetroot soup with a little garlic, chicken soup rich in some carrot, parsley, onion, leek and other vegetables. All these soups improve the functions of the bowels and the entire body.

This kind of food enhances anti-parasite treatment and improve the development of the proper flora in the bowels. It creates the right environment, which is the basis of the immunity system. It also helps neutralise unfriendly bacteria and bugs.

Find out more about eating in accordance with your blood group

Diet in accordance with the blood group – soon !


During the treatment, it is highly recommended to eat products that are meant for the specific blood group



It refers to all natural milk products, like: yoghurt, sour milk, cheese, dairy, cream. They can even contain fat but no sugar or fruit.


They are easily digestable just like the milk products.


Remember to drink about 3 litres of still mineral water daily. However it may be substituted with high-quality green tea, red Pu-Erh or vegetable juice made right before drinking. Beetroots, which are rich in L-Glutamine, also have a good influence on the bowels.


All crop grains except wheat, full-grain flour and groats, buckwheat, oat, rye and millet cereal, oat and wheat bran, spelt, amaranthus, peruvian rice (only).


Potatoes are good providing that you do not eat frozen products from supermakets like frozen chips. It doesn’t refer to potatoe pancakes if they contain flour.


Pure vegetable soup, mustard, mayonnaise, apple vinegar, instant cacao without sugar.


Wholemeal bread made from sour dough, full grain bread, gingerbread and full grain biscuits without honey or sugar.


Veal, beef, lamb, poultry, rabbit, game. The meat consumption must be restricted to twice a week. The meat should be boiled, fried or stewed in small amount. Beef, mutton, rabbit or turkey should be fine for dinner however avoid veal because of its acidity. The meat shouldn’t be covered with any crumbs or thickened with white flour. For a change you can have 10 dkg of walnuts that provide proteins for a day or 12 dkg of some leguminous plants.


All kinds of fish, tinned in oil or own sauce.


Almost all vegatables are healthy, especially: the onion, garlic, Brussels sprouts, shallot, courgette, cucamber, beetroot, cabbage, kale, carrot, broccoli, fennel, cauliflower, parsley, leek, radish, tomato, cress, lettuce, selery, spinach, kohlrabi, aspargus, chives, string-bean, red and white bean, pea, chickpea and lentil.


Use only rape oil or butter for frying. Olive oil is best for salads and use only natural butter for spreading. Try to avoid margarine.


Soya grains, flour, milk, beverages, crushed soya, soya cream and tofu (all without sugar)


All types of nuts, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, coconut milk without sugar.




All kinds of sweet products (sweets, cakes etc.) should be eliminated as sugar and white flour contribute to the development of dangerous bacteria and viruses. Fruit – healthy as they are – still contain sugar known as fructose that is not good for individuals ill with mycosis. That is why you should stop eating fruit for 2 – 4 weeks.

Although wheat germs are commonly considered to be healthy they can cause fungus and therefore should be even forbidden. You must not drink any alcohol during the diet as well. Remember also not to eat any cakes, sweets, biscuits, honey, fruit or any products conatining sugar.



All milk products that contain sugar or fruit, for example: yoghurt, vanillia cheese, milk beverages, ice-cream, pudding and sorbet.


All kinds of fruit are forbidden and there are no exceptions – just none! It applies also to the dry fruit, jam, jelly, fruit deserts, pudding and fruit yoghurt.


Simply all alcoholic beverages, like: beer, wine, vodka, liqueur and cappucino coffee and sweet beverages.


Flour made from wheat or rye, wheat groats like cus-cus, crisps, all kinds of rice, muesli containing fruit, pasta and starch that can be found in instant soup or pudding.


All kind of pre-made sauce in jars or packigings, instant soup, ketchup soya sauce.


White and toast bread, all bread rolls (even from full grain), ciabatta bread, rusks, biscuits, cakes salty sticks and grissini.


Breaded meat chops, minced meat cutlets and beef.


Tinned fish, breaded fish filets, deep fried fish and fish marinade.


Coconut fat, sunflower and soya oil, lard.


Sweet soya cream, beverages and deserts, soya pasta.


•    you can start eating fruit again

•    you can eat wholemeal flour products

•    lots of vegetables

•    no sugar in any form

•    no white flour products

•    occasionally, a piece of chocolate and a glass of  wine

Parasite prevention

There are so many ways to get infected with parasites that it is not possible to avoid it. However, not everyone gets ill. Some people are much more immune to diseases than others. Hygene plays a significant role here. Hence, tissue towels, liquid soap and washing make us safe.

The wrong diet acidifies the body and makes it more voulnerable to infections. People who eat lots of candy and meat are more likely to have parasites as they love this kind of food.

A strong immune system can make you feel safe. Dietary supplements are a way to fight parasites. The immune system needs vitamins and minerals to work properly. Chronic shortages of them weaken your immunity. As a result, your body does not deal with infections.

If you are fit your blood circulation is better. In addition, fittnes improves lymph and the purifying proces of your body.

A good sleep also determines the right function of the immune system. The detoxication of you body starts about three hours after falling asleep and reaches the summit between 11 P.M. and 3 A.M. Individuals who go to sleep late lose the chance to cleanse the organism naturally. And those who sleep irregularly, have chronic sleep disorders or simply sleep too short have a weaker immune system.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. You should always have a good breakfast not to be hungry during the day. Try to avoid stress and eat in accordance with your blood group and do not eat fast food or processed food.

Paraprotex is the best supplement that helps fight parasites but you must remember to change the diet. You must not eat candy or refined products. It is a good way to lead a healthy lifestyle. Paraprotex itself cannot change bad habits and all the things that adversly affect our lifestyle. Very often people forget to eat fruit and vegetables, which remove toxins. Vitamin C has a highly positive effect on the immune system. The amino acid bacilli contained in AC-Zymes significantly dicrease the risk of having parasites.

The bowels are responsible for 80% of our immune system. If an individual’s bowels are damaged by anitbiotics, bad eating habits, parasites, surplus of sugar getting the immunity back they can require detoxication and  restoring biological balance. To achieve that you must change eating habits and remove parasites, fungus and introduce friendly bacteria – amino acid bacilli, which will help you get back in shape.

Therefore it is advised to take the above supplements to provide your body with vitamins and minerals.
Let us not forget about eating healthy food and doing excercises. Such a lifestyle will definitely strengthen our immune system and help to destroy dangerous bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungus.

Parasite cleansing treatment for kids

It is the best if the whole family, including pets, undergoes the therapy. It aims to remove all kinds of parasites (pinworms, lamblia, tapeworms and other bugs) and pathogenic bacteria (streptococcus, staphylococcus, salmnella, E. Coli and others) from your body. It also helps to fight bowel and lungs mycosis, blastomyces of vagina and other organs.

How to give the supplements to children?


WEEK 1 –  (about one year old) the therapy starts with ¼ of a tablet of Paraprotex daily

WEEK 2 – the dose is increased to ¼ of a tablet twice a day. In the morning on empty stomach and in the evening half an hour before eating.

WEEK 3 – the dose goes up to ¼ of a tablet three times a day ( at noon – before a meal) and it remains the same for 6 weeks.

Next you should have a four-week break and begin the therapy again with the dose of  ¼ of a tablet three times a day. Keep giving the supplement for 10 days then have a four-day break and repeat the cycle.


WEEK 1 – start with half a tablet once a day and keep it for a week

WEEK 2 – the dose is increased to half  a tablet twice a day. In the morning on empty stomach and in the evening 30 minutes before a meal.

WEEK 3 – half a tablet three times a day (at noon the dose should be taken before a meal) and it remains the same for 6 weeks.

Next you should have a four-week break and begin the therapy again with the dose of  half a tablet three times a day. Keep giving the supplement for 10 days then have a four-day break and repeat the cycle.

Additional supplements that are essential during the therapy are:

Ac Zymes – it keeps the flora of your bowels healthy due to providing the necessary bacteria. It creates a volnourable environment for pathogenic bacteria. It prevents flatulence, soothes the symptoms of hemoroids and it can be useful in the treatment of acne and allergy. AC Zymes is recommended after taking antibiotics.

Dosage: 1 capsule for every 10kg of the body weight, for instance: a child that weighs 20 kg should take 1 capsule twice a day before a meal)

Nopalin – protects the digestive system from parasites. It provides the organism with amino acids, vitamins, cellulose and minerals. You can also appreciate its positive effect on the digestion process and metabolism. It also detoxicates the large bowel and helps with constipation.

Dosage: 1 capsule for every 10kg of the body weight, for instance: a child that weighs 20 kg should take 1 capsule twice a day before a meal)

Polinesian Noni – contributes to the biological regeneration of your body and affects the cells. Dosage for children – a tablespoon two or three times a day (10 ml of NONI per 10 kg of the body weight).

C 1000 – is a natural vitamin C that significantly increases the immunity of your body. It has a remarkable effect on cold, flu, tumours and allergy and it is a great anti-oxidant. It is responsible for the production of collagen, bones and cartilages. It helps cope with stress and heal injuries.

Dosage depending on a child’s weight:
– 30 kg of weight – 1 tablet of C 1000 twice a day or 2 tablets of C 500 twice a day
– 20 – 25 kg of body weight – 1  tablet three times a day
– 15 kg of body weight – 1 crushed tablet of C 500 twice a day during a meal

Garlic Caps – garlic and parsley in capsules. Garlic Caps is a natural antibiotic. It protects your body from bacteria and viruses. Just one capsule after a meal shoud be enough for your child.

(all this supplements you can buy here)

Remember to strengthen the immunity system during the therapy, so:


use Infant Formula, which provides natural vitamins


apply Lion Kids C. Senior nursery school chilren can also use Lion Kids Multivitamina to strengthen their bodies.


Over 11 – use vitamin C 500, Full Spectrum
An appropriate diet also matters. See what you should eliminate from the dieat and what can be eaten.



  • wash your hands after using a toilet and before preparing meals
  • keep the dishes, household equipment and kitchen clean
  • keep food in low temperature
  • do not unfreeze food and freeze it again
  • keep raw meat and eggs separately so that they do not touch other products
  • completely unfreeze meat and fish at least 30 minutes before frying, roasting or cooking
  • roasting, cooking and stewing food before eating are the best way to neutralise germs (frying is less effective)
  • wash and blanch eggs that are used for preparing dishes and deserts before breaking
  • avoid ice-cream and biscuits made by unknown producers
  • boil and filter water.

Parasite cleansing treatment for adults

dr_szedlak-234x300Therapy recommended by Valeria Szedlak-Vadocz (Head of Cali Vita Medical Team of Advisors).

Prof. Szedlak Vadocz is a renowned specialist who managed to achieve a degree in several areas of medicine for instance: nuclear medicine, medical biochemistry and clinical pathophysiology.

She has had an interest in natural medicine, traditional chineese medicine, herbs and optimal nourishment.

The therapy will be effective if you:

•    take the right supplements regularly
•    follow an appropriate diet (no sugar, products from white flour)
•    drink a lot of water (a minimum of 1 glass with a pill, 2-3 litres daily)

Stage I

Before you start taking Paraprotex it is advised to stimulate the basic excretion canals, namely: the bowels, the  liver and kidneys so that they can deal with getting rid of toxic substances caused by killing parasites in your body. Begin taking Paraprotex a week later.

You should start with taking AC Zymes and Nopalin first (dosage as below) and LiverAid (liver detoxication) 2-3 capsules daily before eating.

After a week you can use AC Zymes + Nopalin + Paraprotex.

AC Zymes

Dosage: 3 x 2 capsules  before or after Paraprotex

One capsule contains 2 billion live milk acid bacilli which is enough to keep your microflora healthy. In addition, it creates an inhospitable environment for pathogenic bacteria.

Detailed description of AC Zymes


Dosage: 1 – 3 capsules daily between meals (1 capsule for every 30kg of your body weight)

It provides a great proctection from parasites. Additionally, it provides your body with cellulose, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. You can also appreciate its positive effect on the digestion process and metabolism. It helps detoxicate your large bowel. Not only does Paraprotex destroy all parasites but it also makes your body remove them faster.

Detailed desription of Nopalin


Dosage as below

The supplement is meant for destroying all kinds of parasites in your body. You should start using it with small doses so that your body can get used to the presence of toxic substances, fungus, parasites and bacteria that will be removed.

Detailed desription of Paraprotex

Dosage of Paraprotex

Day 1,2 and 3 of the therapy

  • 1 capsule in the morning on empty stomach

Day 4,5 and 6 – increase the dose to 2 capsules:

  • 1 capsule in the morning on empty stomach
  • 1 capsule in the evening (30 minutes before supper and at least 2 hours after the previous meal).

Day 7,8 and 9 – increase the dose to 3 capsules

  • 1 capsule in the morning on empty stomach
  • 1 capsule during dinner (necessarily while eating to detoxicate the liver)
  • 1 capsule in the evening (30 minutes before supper and at least 2 hours after the previous meal).

Day 10,11 and 12 – increase the dose to 4 capsules

  • 1 capsule in the morning on empty stomach
  • 1 capsule during dinner (necessarily while eating to detoxicate the liver)
  • 2 capsule in the evening (30 minutes before supper and at least 2 hours after the previous meal).

Day 13,14 and 15 dzień – increase the dose to 5 capsules:

  • 2 capsule in the morning on empty stomach
  • 1 capsule during dinner (necessarily while eating to detoxicate the liver)
  • 2 capsule in the evening (30 minutes before supper and at least 2 hours after the previous meal).

Day 16 –  until you use the whole packiging of Paraprotex:

  • 2 capsule in the morning on empty stomach
  • 2 capsule during dinner (necessarily while eating to detoxicate the liver)
  • 2 capsule in the evening (30 minutes before supper and at least 2 hours after the previous meal).

Stage II

Having used the entire packing of Paraprotex you should have a break of 4 – 6 weeks. Meanwhile, you can take the other supplements.

  • AC Zymes – 3 x 2 capsules
  • Nopalin – 1 – 3 capsules daily between meals (1 capsule for every 30kg of your body weight)
  • C-500 – 3x 2 capsules during a meal

Stage III

Start taking Paraprotex again in the maximal dose (3 x 2 capsules) and use the whole packing along with the other supplements that is AC Zymes, Nopalin, C-500 – dosage as in stage II.

Stage IV

Apply AC Zymes on a regular basis in order to prevent relapses – 2 capsules before going to sleep.

During the therapy all fungus, harmful bacteria and parasites are destroyed and leave a dangerous amount of toxins. You help your organism get rid of it not to damage organs and cause poisoning. Therefore you need to neutralise the internal environment by Polinesian Noni.

Using calcium and magnesium (Strong Bones – 2 capsules before going to sleep) may also bring additional effect.

Diet during the therapy

In order to make the therapy effective you must follow an appropriate diet.